We specialize in home construction using structural insulated panels (SIP’s), reinforced mesh expanded polystyrene to ensure hurricane and earthquake resistant structures.   Panel construction is a modern building material for rapid construction of energy-efficient buildings and has a proven track record world-wide of superior structural strength. and is economical to construct   Easy and fast construction, very simple for common manpower and tools  in much less time than the traditional block or stick framing methods.

SIP Structure Benefits include:

  • Hurricane and Tornado Resistant, (250 mph)
  • Fire Resistant, Class A rated
  • Earthquake Resistant, (9.0 Richter)
  • Energy-Efficient, 60-70% energy savings
  • Cost Efficient, cost competitive to traditional structures, lower maintenance and lifetime cost savings
  • Proven Globally, 1,000’s of homes and buildings protecting and performing daily

King Country Builders utilizes local subcontractors to execute the construction and we perform the construction inspection, project management and weekly reporting.  We guarantee high-quality construction from local builders for each and every project.

We are your construction managers and field inspectors
on the ground everyday to ensure quality, budget and schedule

Building Process

Building a home can be time consuming and stressful.  Building your dream home in another country and finding the right builder to ensure quality and cost competitiveness can be quite a challenge.  How do you know you will get the quality if you’re not in Belize to oversee the construction of your dream home.  By using King Country Builders to manage, control, inspect and report, you can rest easy each and every night.  Combining over 40 years of development expertise and our on-site teams ensures your Belizean dream comes true on schedule and on budget!

KCB quality documentation includes completion certificates
for all major construction milestones
using FTQ360 reporting software

FTQ360 is a cloud-based, mobile, construction quality control software which manages quality & safety while performing inspections, documenting deficiencies, and scoring contractor performance.

This tool gives our quality control personnel a consistent quality and safety inspection process that’s easy for everyone to follow, and provides management reports, email notifications and system alerts to keep everyone on track and ensures the quality is built into your home everyday.

Custom Home Milestones:

Contract agreement with King Country Builders

Conceptual Phase

  1. Square footage, number of floors, bedrooms
  2. Develop plot plan, layout home on lot
  3. Develop conceptual schedule
  4. Assist in developing conceptual budget, funding strategy, cost estimate & spend curve
  5. Develop preliminary execution plan for design and construction phases
  6. Client sign-off to proceed with agreed budget and schedule to the design phase

Design Phase

  1. Manage architectural design services
  2. Manage civil, structural, electrical, plumbing, solar, rain catchment, & landscaping design services to produce working drawings
  3. Interface with SIP panel manufacturer on detailed design & panel order
  4. Manage architectural review board process
  5. Develop, bid and analyze construction proposals from local builders & finalize design choices
  6. Update spending curve and construction schedule based on final design choices
  7. Client sign-off to proceed with agreed budget and schedule to the Construction Phase

Construction Phase

  1. Award construction sub-contracts
  2. Obtain building permits
  3. Start construction, begin weekly reporting via builderTREND app
    • Current status write-up
    • Actual vs. planned progress
    • Schedule update
    • Procurement & subcontracting status
    • Inspection / quality reports w/ FTQ360
    • Photo digital status reports

Home Completion and Handover Phase

  1. Complete construction, perform walk thru
  2. Punch lists generated and completed
  3. Client sign-off project is complete, warranty period begins